Der Neue Merker, Walter Nowotny

“A nanny bursting with joie de vivre!”

Diapason, Francois Laurent

“Appetizing nurse!”

Forum opera, Laurent Bury

“Sophie Leleu has an even voice and crisp diction.”

ODB Opera

“Beautiful nuances, bursting with energy on stage.”

Concert Classic, Jacqueline Thuilleux

“Sophie Leleu devours the lyrics with a smile.”

London’s Opera Magazine, Bradley Winterton

“In the title role, Sophie Leleu plays Frédégonde with aplomb, singing with malice and subtlety.”

La Provence newspaper

“Moments of grace with Sophie Leleu and Antoine Morineau :
What better than the prestigious setting of the synagogue to welcome Sophie Leleu, internationally renowned mezzo-soprano and harpist, and Antoine Morineau, percussionist.

The duo Racines presented their program of Sephardic melodies “De Femmes en femmes”. The audience is immediately won over by the couple’s complicity and musical intelligence. With her warm, powerful, melodious voice and graceful movements, Sophie, who is at one with her harp, and Antoine, take the audience along, captivated, under the spell, who close their eyes and let themselves be lulled by melancholy songs like “La Serena”, but also cheerful, lively ones that make you want to dance, like “Dos amantes tengo la mi mama”…

The duo developed exceptional mastery and virtuosity, and the audience was ecstatic, applauding wildly and saying only one word: “magnificent”, not hesitating to sing along with Sophie in Hebrew during the finale. Thanks to Sophie and Antoine for this fantastic moment. What emotion. Sublime!

Vaucluse matin newspaper

“The first concert, “De femmes en femmes” (From Women to Women), from the traditional Sephardic repertoire, is a marvellous illustration of the transmission of songs from mothers to daughters in an evocation of their daily lives. Sophie Leleu’s dexterity on the harp and her spellbinding voice offered the audience a true moment of bliss, magnificently accompanied by Antoine Morineau.”

Le Petit Journal

“Sophie LELEU, mezzo-soprano and world-renowned international artist, reveals a voice of great intensity, “a passionaria”, who in a play of tessituras shifting from shadow to light transported us from the profane to the Sacred. A moment of grace!

Journal de Dinan / Dinan International Festival

“Great artistic dimension, revelation of the festival! The magic takes shape on stage with Sophie Leleu, a lyrical universe like no other. “

Juke Boxe en Avignon – web magazine

“With her presence, her graceful harpist’s gestures and her heaven-fallen voice, Sophie LELEU has all the trump cards up her high priestess sleeves when it comes to captivating an audience…
The duo exudes such musical intelligence that an economy of means results in a wealth of harmonic emotions between strings and skins. I believe that beauty can stand on its own. You don’t need to be a specialist in learned music to appreciate such a work. When the best performers give their all, and soul takes precedence over technique… What remains is the bliss of a conquered audience… Yerushalayim!”

Tête d’aïe Art Media

“Sophie Leleu doesn’t just have a voice, she has an extra soul, a voice dictated by angels certainly, an extraterrestrial range, and yet her songs come from the mists of time. Poetic and mischievous, she recounts the emotions of women since time immemorial. What is given in this show cannot be repeated, and the audience is not mistaken: it feeds on this unique musical gift.”

Le Rideau Rouge / Béatrice Chaland

“A mad talent, a sublime voice!”

La Jazette / Souillac Jazz Festival

“A bewitching voice!”


Sophie Leleu will be back on stage soon.


Messiaen festival concert

Program of creations with the Spirito ensemble and the Bela quartet at the Messiaen festival in the church of Saint-Chaffrey in the Meige


Alto Rhapsodie by Brahms

Solosit part in Alto Rhapsodie by Brahms and Standchen in festival Histoires de Choeurs in Saint-Palais sur Mer, direction E. Piaud


Harfentreffen Festival

Solo concert "Le feu & l'eau" (harp and vocals) and workshop at the Harfentreffen Festival at Kirchen-Freusburg Castle, Germany